Tuesday, October 12, 2010


This post is dedicated for the sake of closure. Eve's Closet started in September 2008 as a "best of many worlds" kind of thing. I wanted to have an outlet to develop my creativity, I wanted a form of passive income and people don't lie when they say they're the happiest when fulfilling their passion.

The reason this business went into a hiatus was because I've decided to focus on finishing my degree at the University of Melbourne. I intend on resuming this passion of mine sometime in the future.

For those who have received this mail due subscription, thank you for being with Eve's Closet and I hope we will cross paths again in the future. I end this with a piece of advice-
no girl is truly ugly, just lazy. So be your best and live your best :)

Many thanks to my boyfriend, Xing, who has helped me run this business.
P.S That's one of the dresses sold on Eve's Closet :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009


You didn’t think I’d return from Down Under without any Australian goodies, did you?

And no, it’s not some sheep fur/kangaroo skin jacket. I’ve got two sexy dresses.

Are you ready to STAND OUT ladies?

Stunner 1

Stunningly sexy stunner1

flirt with the ribbon


or highlight your sexy collarbone with a halter strap


or go bare with a tube dress ;)

Nothing accentuates your figure like the glossy leather-like material of this dress.

Undeniably the perfect dress for those nights out, bound to make the guys go WILD.

One piece only! Don’t say I didn’t warn ya ;)

Price : RM55

Size : S

Status : Sold


Stunningly posh


I love how this dress is perfectly tiered. Note how it’s diagonally tiered at the top as opposed to the bottom?

Tiers may be a norm but this dress definitely stands out as a unique piece.

Classy enough to wear for dinner, sexy enough for the clubs.

Who wouldn’t want a unique piece like this? :)

Price : RM55

Size : S

Status : Sold

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The New Old

Every girl’s dream is to have an ever-changing wardrobe and to banish the words “I have nothing to wearr”

So here I am, trying to fulfill my dream by clearing out the old, with hopes of getting some moolah for the new :)

Thus, *The New Old*

Dig in to see if you can make some of my garments yours.

victorianrose navy tartar

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Eve’s BACK

First of all, I would like to apologize profusely for my unannounced hiatus. Well, I did mention there was a possibility that Eve would go dormant for awhile but I’m sorry for not reconfirming ><

So I’m BACKK! but not empty-handed of course =)

Credits to my friend, Sharon for modeling these pretty pics while I was away in Melbourne.



Why Picasso? Doesn’t this top looks like it’s been hand-painted by Picasso?

So..wear a piece of art, add a pretty splash of colours to your life :)

Design 1


Design 2



Comes with a black satin sash for that finishing touch, and I’m sure you know how a sash can come in handy when paired with other outfits.

Price : RM39

Size : S-M (stretchable at the back)

Status : SOLD OUT


Back to Basics

Over-used phrase, yes. But I think this best describes the timeless dress below.

Want to play it safe without looking too boring?

This timeless piece is a must-have for those dinners you had no time to buy a fancy dress for.



Comes with a removable strap and a red hot clincher.

This dress is a stealer, considering how much individual clincher cost ;)

Price : RM45

Size : Free Size (stretchable at the back)

Available in : SOLD OUT



Why settle for a basic tank top when you can get one with a sprinkle of star studs? DSC_1547


DSC_1557 DSC_1625

Price : RM29

Size : S-M

Available in :

  • black
  • white
  • yellow
  • pink
Status: SOLD OUT

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Eve’s Garden

Don’t the pretty ivy leaves look like they’ve been pluck from Eve’s Garden?

If you’re looking for something soft and demure to charm your Valentine, you’ve just found it ;)


P2100227 here’s a close up pic to show you the lovely colour of the lace. Isn’t the ocean blue victorian lace mesmerizing?


And if you’re a fan of flowery motives, you can’t deny that this one of the prettiest motives around :P

So bring out the feminine side of you with this babydoll dress.

Wear it for a date. Every guy likes to see their girl dressed in skirts or girly dresses. Trust me, I’ve surveyed :P

Size : Free Size

Material : Chiffon

Price : RM39

Status : SOLD

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Wanna steal Cameron’s dress?


I stole them for you ;)

Now you can show your killer legs in this stunning mini.

As if this dress isn’t pretty enough already, note that it’s also adorned with pretty sequins at the collar line.



Note : not recommended for petites

Size : S - M

Price : RM55

Status : SOLD

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fusion of New + Old

This clearance will be a mixture of old and new. So get your hands on some Eve's goodies before they get sold out ;)

Since this little boutique deserves some fresh air, let's start off with the newbies shall we?

1. Icing


blackcurrent purple


frosty white

Need I say more on why I call this yummy-looking dress Icing?

The beautifully layers of tiers reminds me of dessert icing.

So wear this delicious icing to add some flavour to your night ;)

Price : RM45

Size : Free Size *adjustable straps*

Available in...

  • grape purple
  • frosty white

hmm all these names are making me hungry :P


Sure, clinchers are aplenty...

but gorgeous AND affordable clinchers are rare to find.

Instead of buying either black or white clinchers to match your whole wardrobe, why not opt for another easy-to-match yet gorgeous colour?

2. Marble


Add a hint of marble texture with this nude cream clincher

Price : RM25

Status : Available


3. Au de natural wood


Or exude an au naturale aura with this brown wood belt.

Status : SOLD


4. Shock & Awe


Life’s too short to stay safe.

That’s why you should shock & awe everyone with this red hot clincher.

Price : RM25

Status : Available


3. Scottish Affair


Fancy having a scottish affair with this one-of-a-kind skirt?

All the way from HK, babeh!

Only ONE piece so don't say I didn't warn you ;)

Price : RM39

Size : Free Size *stretchable waist band*

Status : SOLD


That's all for the new ;) May have future additions. Now for the clearance!


Marilyn *original post*

Price : RM35

Available in..

  • Vincci Size 4
  • Vincci Size 6
  • Vincci Size 8



Pretty Ivy *original post*

Price : RM45

Size : Free Size

Status : Sold



1. Peacock Set

1 pair of peacock + 1 pair of natural lashes


2. Teardrop Set

1 pair of teardrop + 1 pair of natural lashes

*original post*

Note : The only shipping method for this item is postage via Citylink

No CODs unless accompanied by purchase of other items.

Price :

4 pairs - RM12

6 pairs - RM15

8 pairs and above - RM2 per pair

Status : Available



Bandeau Beau *original post*

Price : rm55 *revised price*

Size : Free Size

Material : Thick Satin

Available in :

  • black

  • turqouise

Phew. How's that for an update? I hope I've repent all my previous sins. So Happy Shopping everybody!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Unintentional Hiatus

As annoying as it is to hear that I'm going to be on another hiatus, trust me, it's equally as annoying for me to have to halt this business once again.

Because...of the sudden holiday to the land of shopping, Hong Kong!
ish, spontaneous parents.

and thou shalt try to bring back gorgeous HK goodies for you babes.
I've even packed light :P

As for the arranged CODs and postages, do sms my business partner (bf) for any enquiries

Happy Holidays! I'll back in 30th Dec.

Friday, November 28, 2008


Hey darlings,
I've been receiving requests for the Effortless Chic Toga Dress despite all our last pieces being reserved.

And I totally understand why, all of you who have subscribed to my mailing list must have received an email stating that there'll be a restock. I don't know what's wrong with Feedburner but that update was an old update. So I apologize for all the misunderstandings and false hopes and I really hate to disappoint interested customers :(

My current supplier ran out of stock but I'll try my best to scout from other suppliers alright? Bear with me :) Til then, wish me luck for my finals! Daymm..if only there was an exam on fashion :P

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Note to self, having sales a week before exams isn't a very wise move. I apologize to all my customers for my slow replies this week.
Anyway, here I am learning my lesson by...announcing a much-needed hiatus!

Hiatus is defined as...no updates and no email replies (except for those who have already made reservations).

Reason for hiatus : my studies are in dire need of attention.

However, if you wish to reserve any item or place an order, you're most welcome to do so. I'll reply after my exams (4/12/08)

and here's a sneak peak to keep you coming back for more, after 4th Dec, that is..

Order Form

Email Address:
Contact No :
Name of Item :
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Size :
Preferred Method of Delivery :
Mailing Address (if you chose postage) :
COD venue :
COD date (must be within 3 days after order) :
COD time (e.g 1 pm)
Gift wrapping? *optional* pretty paper bag (clothes)
small gift box (accessories)
No, thank you
Additional comments :

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